The Low-code/No-code Value of the Microsoft Power Platform

The Low-code/No-code Value of the Microsoft Power Platform

Innovation may be an overused word, but for good reason. Like cliches, the reason for its popularity lies in its relevance. McKinsey believes that the time for innovation is right now because it is this that will unlock ‘postcrisis growth’. The firm underscores the value of finding opportunity within calamity, and how the changes wrought by the past three years can reshape an organisation’s future and kickstart unique growth opportunities.   

But what does this have to do with low-code/no-code and the Microsoft Power Platform? 

Well, innovation lies in the hands of agility, speed, evolution and discovery. It is unlocked by an organisation’s ability to pivot at speed to meet the demands of uncertain markets and evolving customer expectations. And it is empowered by the organisation’s access to the right tools. 

Enter low-code/no-code. This is evolution in application development opens up an organisation’s ability to tap into trends and meet development needs incredibly fast. It doesn’t demand high-levels of coding ability so teams can adapt and innovate on demand. It forms an agile foundation from which companies can develop customised solutions that can transform productivity and service delivery. 

This is reflected in some impressive statistics. Gartner believes that up to 50% of medium to large organisations are likely to adopt low-code/no-code as a strategic approach to business by 2023. Forrester has predicted that low-code/no-code has the potential to accelerate software development by up to 10 times previous speeds. And IDC has thrown its own prediction into the ring – that more than 500 million new applications will emerge over the next five years thanks to the low-code/no-code capabilities.  

This allows for organisations to step up their innovation and explore new opportunities without being inhibited by limited skills – the dearth of developers and the ever-expanding talent gap are significant barriers to development and innovation – or time.  

What does this mean for ERP?  

ERP systems now have the potential to play a bigger role in your business than ever before. Oftentimes though, unlocking the full capability of your ERP solution means putting time, energy, and money into IT resources — resources that you’d be better off investing in your business. If you’re using Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP, the good news is, with the help of Power Platform, you can unlock the ‘last mile of productivity’. It’s possible to expand the potential of your existing data without making significant IT investments. 

With the Microsoft Power Platform, companies are handed the keys to the proverbial kingdom. They gain access to a secure, data-rich environment that’s easily integrated into existing Microsoft architecture and that allows for the business to get stuck into the tech and its potential. 

The Microsoft Power Platform hands users – technical and non-technical – the ability to solve business problems using applications and automation tools that are customised for the organisation. It’s your problems solved by your people.  

The extra value-adds brought on board by Microsoft Power Platform also include: 

  • Workflow automation with low-code applications and the freedom to tap into artificial intelligence (AI) tools and data analytics capabilities. When combined with the Microsoft ecosystem, this pulls all data and functionality into a single ecosystem that provides users with immense functionality. 
  • Rock-solid solutions that are easy to build, easy to deploy, quick to update and customise, and that are secure and tightly managed within your organisation. 
  • Rapid innovation that transforms operations, streamlines processes and translates all that business data into measurable results. 

Of course, with Mint UK, all these benefits are put into your hands by an expert team that understands how to implement and integrate Microsoft Power Platform into your architecture. We can help you put the power of development into every user in your business using the click-and-build capabilities of this platform and we can ensure that you create experiences that translate into improved business value. 

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