Why Dynamics 365 Marketing is All about the Customer Journey?

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Good morning [insert name], I’m marketing to you 

 A Gartner survey found that 63% of marketing leaders struggle with personalization and yet this is a key metric when it comes to driving customer loyalty and engagement. The same survey found that they battled with personalized experiences and mapping digital messaging across multiple audience channels and preferences, which is a challenge in light of how important personalization has become and how invaluable in terms of customer engagement and brand growth. It’s a sentiment echoed by McKinsey’s Next In Personalization 2021 Report which discovered that companies that build customer intimacy show faster revenue growth than those that don’t. 

The gains that brands get from personalization are like bright shining arrows in the murky darkness of customer demand, expectation, and stiff market competition. As McKinsey’s report pointed out – the closer the business gets to the consumer, the greater the return. Especially now in a world where customers roam the digital wilderness in search of companies that can connect with their changing needs and expectations. And where 71% of them expect personalized interactions and 76% get frustrated if these don’t manifest. 

The obstacles to smooth marketing personalization 

There is little doubt that personalization is immensely valuable to the business. It has a positive impact on customer relationships and plays a role in how satisfied consumers feel after an engagement with a company, or about a company. It also results in proven benefits across revenue and retention – and everyone knows that keeping an existing customer happy costs less and delivers better returns than wooing new customers.  

Thing is, it’s tricky.  

Marketers know that technology is an enabler and that it can help them to build bridges over the gaps in customer communication and personalization, but the problem is that there is too much technology. There are a ton of solutions on the market that promise to deliver the omnichannel personalization that the marketer needs and it’s hard to whittle down the one that will actually do what it says on the tin.  

Another challenge is that solutions aren’t capable of integrating data properly or cohesively which means that personalization is limited by silos and walls and often can’t meet either business or customer expectations. Marketing teams need a solution that allows them visibility into customer insights from across multiple touchpoints and channels so they can curate campaigns and strategies that genuinely meet the customer in the middle. 

Which is precisely what Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing does, and why this toolkit is invaluable for companies that want to put people back into brand communications. This platform is designed to help marketing teams put the human touch at the forefront of digital communications and create frictionless and agile connections between brands and customers. This trusted platform is designed to provide marketing teams with the tools they need to uplift customer relationships and shift engagement while overcoming the traditional obstacles of silos and limited data visibility. 

Now you can take the functionality of Dynamics 365 Marketing and Mint’s guidance to create a customer journey that leverages insights and dynamic segmentation, along with artificial intelligence and automated business process flows. With this trusted marketing platform that forms part of a trusted and scalable technology ecosystem – Microsoft is a market leader in cohesive technology solutions – you can embed deeper personalization into your marketing strategy. As a Microsoft partner, Mint UK  will get you where your customers are… 

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