Accessible and Intelligent: The Chatbot Revolution

What do you mean, I can make a chatbot?

The evolution of low-code/no-code tools has revolutionised software development. People from across all walks of life and organisational levels require little to no coding experience to build applications, resolve business automation flows, and even create chatbots that connect digital dots and teams together. The Microsoft Power Platform is one of the leaders in this space, offering organisations access to a plethora of tools designed to simplify coding for developers and citizen developers alike.


One of the tools in this platform is Microsoft Power Virtual Agents.

This low-code/no-code tool allows anyone to build an intelligent chatbot quickly and easily using an interface powered by generative artificial intelligence (GAI) and an accessible dashboard. Users can create a bot that can handle relatively complex requests and that can be deployed across multiple channels that include websites, mobile applications, Microsoft Teams, and channels that are supported by the Azure Bot Framework.


Why should your business bother building its own chatbots?

– Streamline client engagements when designed to resolve specific questions, challenges and situations. Using them as the first line of customer service, these agents can help customers identify self-service solutions or direct them to the right people, reducing the time spent on problem resolution.

– Small to medium enterprises can empower their employees to create chatbots that help them meet customer needs on a highly agile and personalised foundation without impacting on their workloads. Instead of investing into support staff, companies can invest into their employees and the development of customised chatbots.

– In a country that has multiple languages, the solution can help you create chatbots that speak different languages to ensure customers are all given the same level of service. It’s a superb first line of engagement that makes all customers feel recognised and valued.

– It is secure and accessible which means that anyone can build a Power Virtual Agent and they do so within a secure architecture. Microsoft invests heavily into security insights, research and development and this translates into robust security across all its products and services.


How you can create modernised AI-chatbots with Mint

Mint understands Microsoft and we understand exactly how you can benefit from the capabilities inherent within Microsoft Power Virtual Agents. We can help you develop and manage commanding chatbots that will accelerate engagement both within and without your organisation.


Want to respond to employee needs at scale? A chatbot can be a hugely beneficial tool that provides employees with internal self-service options that allow them to manage anything from holidays to sick leave to meetings. The platform also includes a comprehensive set of analytics tools that can provide you with key performance indicators for your chatbot. You can use the trends in usage to identify bottlenecks and problems so you can then optimise the chatbot to improve its impact and performance.


Mint can help you gain all the benefits of a solid Power Virtual Agents implementation and give you the tools you need to empower your employees. We will bring our expertise to the fore, ensuring you improve customer experiences, enable real-time access to information, benefit from intelligent reporting and data-driven decision-making, and lower the costs of your intensive resources.


Discover how Mint can empower your business with Microsoft Power Virtual Agents 

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