Infusing excellence: The value of automation within the business

Business Automation

The Microsoft Power Platform product set is built on low-code/no-code foundations making it a simple and accessible set of tools for the business. Developers can leverage its capabilities to create solutions at speed while those with no coding experience, citizen developers, can use it to solve business problems and automate basic tasks without extensive training or expertise. Using these tools, anyone can create a chatbot, build a solution and, with Power Automate, automate tasks and streamline workflows to improve processes and reduce time spent on admin. 

 Microsoft Power Automate and its family are ideally placed to help companies overcome many of the obstacles they currently face when it comes to finding talent, streamlining development, increasing speed to modernisation and staying competitive.  


The suite of Power Platform tools has proven itself invaluable.  

Power Automate gives the business a set of tools that allow for it to reduce the impact of mundane and repetitive tasks through increased automation efficiencies. Using the tools built into the platform, anyone can build automated processes and tasks that overcome bottlenecks or reimagine ageing approaches.  

 The platform provides the business with an invaluable set of tools that include: 

  • Microsoft CoPilot – the artificial intelligence (AI) that helps users to create automation through conversation. While this is still a relatively new technology only available in English, it has the ability to understand what a person wants to build and then automatically sets up connections so you develop an automated solution faster. It also can be used to adjust flows and understand how the flows were built. 
  • Process Mining – this add-on for Power Automate is designed to help users optimise their flows and find innovative automation pathways using built-in templates and analytics. Using the process mining capabilities, you can find inefficiencies in the business and use these insights to build improved processes and solutions, and with task mining you can assess desktop activity and behaviours to find optimised pathways to productivity.  
  • AI Builder – included in Power Automate is AI Builder, a tool that helps you create AI models at speed. The tool is easy to use, applies AI to all your data sources and can be used by both citizen developers and developers to build solutions that resolve very real business problems. It also has GPT with Azure OpenAI Service which makes it even easier for users to create streamlined processes.  
  • Drag and drop – welcome to a world where creating highly intelligent and capable automation workflows and processes is as simple as dragging and dropping templates, connectors and tools into your workflows. You can rapidly repair your clunky workflows with templates designed specifically for the business and with connectors designed to make even the most unique challenges easy to solve.  


Infuse simplicity into your business with Power Automate 

 Using Microsoft Power Automate, you can focus on priority workloads by automating simple and repetitive tasks and comprehensively reorganise your workflows. Tasks such as meetings, emails, daily activities – these can all be automated to free up time and improve productivity.,  

 With Mint, you can integrate and synchronise all your data analysis and applications in an automated way, thereby increasing productivity and business efficiency without complexity. Our expertise and deep understanding of the Microsoft Power Platform ecosystem ensures you implement the exactly right tools within your business, and that your employees gain access to the most powerful and relevant capabilities.  

Discover how Mint can help your business achieve the top benefits with Power Automate 

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