Cloud-based ERP Systems are Revolutionising Business Operations

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has long been within the depths of the business, helping the enterprise to better manage its finances, human resources, supply chain, customers, operations and so much more. It is, as Microsoft defines it, ‘a business management software that allows the organisation to use a system of integrated applications’ and it is, as enterprises across multiple niches and sectors define it, revolutionising how they do business.

Cloud-based ERP systems are rapidly sliding up the digital ranks as they provide organisations with intensely scalable and flexible ERP architecture that can be adapted to suit changing business demands. How did McKinsey explain it? As the ERP platform play that’s cheaper, faster, better. This is because, as the firm points out, it can cost up to $500 million over a lengthy period of time to upgrade and refine an existing ERP system. It’s a price tag that would make most companies balk.

But, with cloud the entire ERP experience suddenly becomes modular. Digital Lego that can be moved around to fit the unique needs of the business without the intense time and cost burden that’s usually associated with this technology. In fact, with the platform-driven approach, companies can become revolutionaries.

  • Revolutionising business operations with cloud-based ERP systems that embed collaboration, connection, flexibility and scale within the very fabric of their functionalities. For example, Microsoft’s ERP platform brings increased productivity and streamlined project management within an intelligent system that’s aligned with your outcomes.
  • Revolutionising finance within the enterprise with tools designed to ensure your business is compliant and that it has control over its data. Whether its an audit, a customer query, compliance mandates, or analytics, you want a solution that can help you tightly manage your budgets while discovering trends and insights that can transform your spend and your business. Here, cloud-based ERP not only simplifies financial management but it opens up new business opportunities.
  • Revolutionising product-centric companies. This is what Gartner believes cloud-based ERP will bring to the digital business table thanks to its ‘superior process automation and analytic capabilities’. It is, says the firm, a tool that supports the product-centric enterprise through automation and providing a foundational technology that assists with streamlining management across manufacturing, distribution, service delivery and more. Microsoft was recognised as a leader in the 2022 Magic Quadrant for Cloud ERP within the product-centric enterprise which makes it a solid cloud-based choice for enterprises looking for tools that deliver on their exacting mandates.
  • Revolutionise your implementation and expectations of ERP. You can leap straight into the cloud with the right ERP platform and the right partner. You want a tool that will help you to create unity, cohesion and an insights-driven ecosystem? You want management and data centralised and under your control? Then let Mint take your enterprise in the right ERP direction with Microsoft Dynamics 365. A Gartner quadrant leader, a constantly evolving cloud-based platform, a premium analytics-driven technology and a trusted solution.

Revolutionise your business with Mint. Our expertise with Microsoft Dynamics 365 means that we know how to bring the cloud to your business. And our experience with business means we know how to ensure you get the intelligence, the real-time data, the analytics, the security, the technology and the full-bodied flavour of your ERP. Discover our story, and let us fit your ERP to your needs.

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