Optimising your CRM implementation with Mint ProActive™

There are critical complexities that surround the implementation of a customer relationship management (CRM). It’s not a plug-and-play, and it’s definitely not a one size fits all (that’s a lie in every space, even clothing). Gartner believes that this is why it is important to identify the complexities and to find the right service provider to ensure that CRM implementation is a success. Forrester shares this view in its own analysis of CRM implementations across the entire technology stack – the research firm highlighting how essential it is to ensure that CRM does transform customer processes and systems because it is ‘the age of the customer’. Forrester emphasises that strategy and execution are key to ensuring that CRM delivers value and results.

Of course, the research will always point to the fact that if you optimise your implementation, you’ll get the right results. The trick is actually doing the optimisation of that implementation. There are multiple routes to CRM success (and failure) and you want the right one that takes you in the right direction.

Enter the implementation optimisation best practice plan

First, get your strategy and your budget on the table. You need to know what you’re readily willing to spend on a CRM platform and its integration into the business. This is likely a ballpark, but it will help inform your choices and planning as you move forward. You’ll also want to know exactly what you expect from your CRM implementation once it’s done – you need buy-in from the executive and every employee that will be using the platform, otherwise the cost will be lost in poor usage and limited value.

It’s also critical to understand exactly how long your CRM implementation will take, and the toll it will exact on the business and your employees as they get used to it and get a handle on its functionality. This is where it’s good to have expert support. A third-party CRM expert will have the resources and insights you need to fully realise the value of your CRM investment and to ensure that it’s implemented correctly.

While budget, expectation, strategy, and value are only four of the key factors to consider when optimising your approach to your CRM implementation, they are probably the most important. They shape how your business will approach CRM and ensure remains a sustainable part of your business over the long term. Managing these elements is critical…

…Because of the three biggest reasons a CRM fails:

  1. Lack of user adoption and not enough change management
  2. Limited planning and a lack of preliminary work that unpacked the change and the environment
  3. Not using automation tools and third-party support to optimise the process and ensure relevance

Enter the Mint ProActive™ solution. Designed to make implementation and planning as easy as possible, Mint ProActive™ Discover and Mint ProActive™ Transform are focused on shifting the problems into solutions, and making your CRM an experience rather than an ordeal. With Mint, there are some very tasty benefits you will enjoy:

  • Up to 60% reduction in system evaluation time
  • Approximately 30% reduction in project completion times
  • Measurable reduction in solution design and project costs
  • Reduced impact on internal teams

We provide you with several key options to help you reshape your CRM implementation process and make it as relevant and cost-effective as possible. Our online platform provides you with automated and intelligent support as you fine-tune your CRM expectations, and our expert teams help bring your vision to life. Easy, fast and proven, the Mint ProActive solutions are designed for the modern organisation.

Contact us to experience true CRM value with Mint ProActive™ Discover.

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