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Clichés may have a bad reputation, but they’re very good at capturing a concept and sharing it in a way that everyone can understand. Like ‘secret sauce’. The secret sauce that makes the burger taste amazing and that digital transformation implementation go smoothly. The sauce that makes the entire enterprise resource planning (ERP) system slip neatly into the cracks of a business and meet all its expectations. Now that’s a cliché that fits.

Forrester agrees. In its analysis of digital transformation challenges and how implementations have a knack for not quite delivering to expectations and budgets, it refers to the ‘not-so-secret-sauce’. The sauce that really means – get the basics right and your digital transformation efforts will deliver exactly what you want and expect.

Forrester also says that ‘digital transformations are notoriously hard’. They’re not wrong.

Digital transformation requires planning, risk assessments, box ticking (sorry), holistic visibility into every part of the business, and realistic expectations. Without ensuring that every part of the process is properly analysed, assessed and managed, there’s a good chance that a digital transformation initiative will fail.


Because digital transformation is not:

  • Something only digital geniuses can understand and implement
  • A dark secret that is only revealed to a chosen few
  • A miracle cure for all that ails the business

It is, however, a tool that can deliver long-term and sustainable value to the business and its people if it follows a clear road to success. In short, if the implementation of anything, from an ERP to a word processing platform, is managed tightly from the outset, it has a significantly higher shot at succeeding.

The most common digital transformation problems

The traditional way of moving forward with an implementation is to gather requirements, then create a RFI or RFP, then shortlist partners and evaluate their responses, then attend workshops and demonstrations, then develop a business case and present it to the board, then select the preferred partner and chase references, and only then get the final contract and move ahead with the project.

This usually takes months, by which time the technology and the business have usually moved on. It’s a resource, time and admin intensive process that limits visibility and control and potentially opens up the risk of not quite getting the final product right.

Enter the solution

Mint ProActive™ Discover is designed to help businesses level up their digital transformation efforts and improve their business operations and customer engagements. How? By streamlining the entire process from start to finish.

In the ProActive™ Discover phase, you discover whether or not your investment into Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the right solution for your business at speed, and you can refine existing implementations with insights that will transform your approaches and strategies. ProActive™ Discover gathers your requirements, creates your RFP and shortlists your partners and goes through every part of the process outlined above but in under two weeks.

Then, with Mint ProActive™ Transform, your actual implementation is completely reimagined. Traditionally, implementations are expensive and time-consuming and demand highly-skilled resources that are in-demand and hard to find. For many companies, the process is long, difficult and often cloudy – they don’t have the visibility and control they want or need to ensure that their digital transformation efforts are moving in the right direction.

ProActive™ Transform takes the guesswork out of business application solution analysis and design by delivering functional design, clear configuration settings, and comprehensive visibility into systems and gaps in those systems.

So, if you want the real secret sauce, it’s in the Mint ProActive™ solutions.

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