The Significance of Inclusion – Placing People at the Centre of Everything We Do


Having a vision and mission is something that is not only applied in a professional environment. It can also apply to you. It communicates and guides the direction in which you are heading, helping you to choose anything that complements that journey, and naturally eliminate those that set you back or steal your attention. Essentially, it’s a compass that helps you navigate your goals and objectives as a non-negotiable framework.  

As Mint Group UK evolves and reaches greater heights, there’s always room to observe core values and the mechanisms and principles we’ve set in place, to bring these values to life.  Change is constant and often needs to be considered as a significant component of strategic planning. Processes, structures, clients, and portfolios are all in constant transition. If anything, this will mean that organizations need to modify their vision, to fit and honor their current environment.  

The Key Element: Mint’s People-First Approach  

Our mission statement speaks largely to people and the significance of inclusion in what we do“We create tomorrow by inspiring our employees, clients, partners, and community to reach their full potential through innovative technology solutions​.”  

Our Employees  

We support and look after our employees, ‘Minties’ as they are known, enabling an empowering a healthy environment for them to be at their best. Minties are the foundation of the business and make it possible to deliver remarkable services and solutions to our clients.  

Amongst our efforts, Mint invests in social engagement like our weekly Mintie Check-in and Virtual Coffee dates, for a much-needed break from always-on work. We provide training, skills development, and exams that keep our industry knowledge on par. We keep fit with community outreaches and physical activities such as the Ithemba Walkathon. And provide psychological support and development.   

Our Clients  

We pride ourselves in a client-centric business model that places our clients at the forefront and enables Mint to drive meaningful and informed impact. With our in-house broad expertise and our passion to give a hand in better business, we have been able to exceed customer expectations with intelligent technology implementation and continuous improvement.  

We love the rich and diverse clients we create tomorrow together with, they’ve both challenged and supported us, enabling Mint to push boundaries and better serve various industries, one solution at a time. We strive to digitally transform our clients globally, expanding the ICT ecosystem into a more robust and inclusive one, while bringing differentiated value to them.   

Our Partners  

This, of course, wouldn’t be possible without our partners in the technology Ecosystem, with whom we share the same visions, and collaborate strategically, to mine and maximize business, industry, and economic value.  

It is our fundamental belief that together we achieve more.  As this philosophy is engrained into our operations, Mint has taken hands with small and large partners alike to drive maximum value for our collective clients. 

Our latest program, the Ubuntu EmpowerMint Program, is a true testament to Mint’s innovation to work with starts-up, EMEs & QSEs to help scale their businesses where they need it most.  

Our Community  

Lastly, Mint believes in giving back and making a difference through dynamic initiatives. Community is important to Mint. As part of our mission – to help those around us reach their full potential – we always find some time to put work aside and work towards the development and upliftment of the youth, ICT professionals, and underprivileged citizens. 

Mint supports the Ekukhanyeni Relief Project through its dedicated CSI trust, a non-profit organization that focuses on community advancement in Lawley, South of Johannesburg. We are also invested in our ‘Grow a Mintie’ initiative, which supports children in the educational journey. 

Creating Tomorrow, Together 

We have an altruistic approach to everything we do, and because people and communities have always been at the forefront of our solutions and innovations, we’ve been able to add significant value and provide real solutions to real challenges.  

Adding community to our mission is not only a reflection of our purpose-driven ventures, that empower better living and working but a testament to our firm belief, that together we can create a better tomorrow. 

Our Catalyst to Success 

During periods of disruption, such as the pandemic, we’ve focused on working together to solve problems and prevailed during the most difficult conditions. This milestone has been achieved through inclusivity, empowerment and transformation that we instill, to create a more holistic and impactful network.  

The accolades we have won this year alone are testament that Mint’s ecosystem of employees, clients, partners, and the community, are all crucial components of positive and sustainable transformational shifts, towards a successful future.

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