How Microsoft Technology Shortens the Sales Cycle  

How Microsoft Technology Shortens the Sales Cycle  

I have a confession to make.  

I am an Account Manager who works with highly skilled technical consultants and developers, and I sell technical solutions and products, yet I joined this industry a decade ago with as much technical savvy as Mildred and her knitting needles. 

This is where the simplicity of Microsoft and the Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 platforms and ecosystems make life so easy.  As a user, I don’t need to be a highly proficient developer or technical consultant to learn how to leverage the Microsoft stack of products, making me more efficient and effective at my job.  

Every day, without being consciously aware of it, I am leveraging the might of Microsoft by using their intuitive and easy-to-use solutions. 

 A day in the life of a Sales Professional … 

First coffee. Then I start my day using Sales Navigator to research and reach out to a lead, who I then add to Dynamics CRM at the click of a button.  A Microsoft Teams meeting is set up with the potential client so that we can discuss a business issue that he needs to resolve. 

During our Teams meeting, a requirement is identified and discussed, and the lead is then qualified to an opportunity on Dynamics 365.  I can track this opportunity throughout the sales cycle, with Dynamics offering me insights into the customer, suggesting the next best actions, and sending me reminders of appointments or phone calls.  PowerBI provides me with the ability to track my various opportunities and sales against my targets. 

I collaborate with my colleagues to draft a proposal using SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams. And when one of my colleagues (better known to us as a Mintie) knocks it out of the park by helping to produce a brilliant proposal, I am able to acknowledge her great performance by sending her a WonderMint on our Employee Recognition App (thank you Microsoft Power Platform!). 

Knowing that I have qualified the opportunity through the sales cycle, I confidently email the proposal to the client. We have been responsive and efficient in our sales proposal and, just like that – the client approves the deal with a digital signature.  

Signed, sealed and ready to deliver 

I close the opportunity on Dynamics CRM which automatically sends out workflows to onboard the project, allocate the team, DevOps repository, and submit the commissions. 

It’s almost lunchtime and I have some time to take a break before the workday continues – I can access Dynamics HR to log my leave and check my salary slip to ensure that I can afford the plane tickets to my dream island destination. 

The entire process is automated.  Zero paperwork, zero fuss.  Simple and intuitive to use. 

Unraveling business complexity 

As an Account Manager, my role is to help our clients solve business problems or help them to take advantage of business opportunities. I don’t necessarily need to understand what is under the hood to ensure that our clients reap the extensive business benefits of the most effective solution.  

Together with our highly competent team of Pre-sales Technical Experts, Solution Architects, Technical Consultants and Developers, Mint is able to design, configure and build solutions to enable users to leverage the absolute power of the Microsoft ecosystem! 

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