In search of Microsoft Copilot: Optimise your AI

Accessible and Intelligent: The Chatbot Revolution

Microsoft Copilot has slid seamlessly into multiple platforms and solutions across the Microsoft ecosystem since September 2023. Microsoft explains the technology as a combination of ‘large language models (LLMs) with your organisation’s data’ and it work ...


Getting Your Support Hands Dirty

Is your support digging deep into your business trenches? Is your support sitting deep within the heart of your business? Is it part of the very fabric of your organisation – relevant, attuned, personalised and accessible? Usually, the answer to these qu ...

6 ways tech is boosting the employee experience

5 Ways Tech is Boosting the Employee Experience 

The growing disconnect between leaders and their people, Microsoft has expanded its employee experience platform, Microsoft Viva, to connect employees to company culture, business goals, and one another. Viva contains several modules that support connection, insight, purpose, and growth, empowering people and teams to be their best.