Women at the Forefront of the ICT sector: Nikki Isherwood, Leadership in Business Development

Women at the Forefront of the ICT sector

Nikki Isherwood, Head of ERP Sales at Mint, has been in ERP Sales in the IT sector for more than 20 years. “I dedicated myself to a career in ERP as I saw the potential it had to help business and people.”

A sales strategist at heart, Nikki has been involved in global sales and marketing programmes that deliver cutting-edge thinking, psychological insights and market-trends awareness for many years.

She joined the Mint Group in January 2021 to lead business development for Mint Africa but has partnered with the Group for the past five years.
“At Mint, I apply my technology sales experience and build roadmaps that deliver innovative transformation. I have a deep interest in the economic contribution that business development has on our surrounding environment. I continue to investigate, learn and contribute to community and business value. By adding Mint ERP to the Mint Group, we complete the end-to-end Microsoft Business Applications offering for our clients.”

In high school, Nikki developed her passion for tech and also discovered her talent for selling. She attended and then worked at computer camps and sold lawnmowers, computers and the like. She was headhunted for her first job as very few people could figure out how to use the software.

“That’s when I realised that I am not afraid to take on new challenges. Before that, like many women, I felt unconfident and insecure about competing in a male-dominant environment. Believing in my abilities was a challenge.”

Fortunately for Nikki, the men she has worked with have always given women equal opportunities.

“I don’t believe gender considerations are applied at all when employing for our industry. It’s an excellent industry for women to grow and expand their capability, making it easier to move horizontally into other predominantly male-dominated technology roles. Overall, though, I think women struggle to advance in male-dominated organisations because they have to prove themselves better than the next person. But I have also taken great pride in watching young women progress in their careers through the support of the men and women surrounding them.”

Nikki adds that the role models within Mint open women up to the potential of what they can achieve. “Mint empowers all people, which levels the playing field and offers young women a nurturing environment in which to flourish.”
For Nikki, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) education for young women in today’s environment is vital. “The more young women are encouraged and educated in these fields, the better the entire eco-system. Women bring a different perspective and influence.”

Her advice to young women seeking a career in IT: “Building your knowledge, regardless of formal education, allows you to be an expert in your field, removing barriers. Never give up. Keep educating yourself using different perspectives. This gives you insight and allows you to grow, understand and better position yourself in your career. Don’t ever think less of yourself and surround yourself with good people who support and drive you.”

Nikki is passionate about her purpose and values, bringing the best she can to the people and communities surrounding her. “I believe we can have a positive impact in so many ways if we have a sense of purpose and look after the planet, people, animals and the eco-system, one small step at a time. Things don’t make people happy. It’s the relationships and experiences with other people that makes one’s life valuable, regardless of financial status.”
She is the mother of a 16-year-old gamer who keeps the household on the bleeding edge of technology and plans to stay on the bleeding edge of ERP technology to create a better tomorrow for people.

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