Women at the Forefront of the ICT sector: Ronelle Naidoo, A Leader In Transformative Selling

Women at the Forefront of the ICT sector

Ronelle Naidoo, Head of Sales at Mint, is a recognised leader in transformative selling and a highly experienced business development specialist. She is entrusted with innovating and evolving Mint’s sales vision and leading the sales team and partners to meet targets and ensure business value delivery. Before joining Mint four years ago, Ronelle worked for Microsoft as its territory account manager for both the commercial and public sectors.

She is passionate about making a difference and has been instrumental in setting up Mint’s Ubuntu EmpowerMint Programme, which empowers tech start-ups and small businesses in the IT sector through investment, training, mentoring and skills development. “The programme seeks to embrace transformation and empowerment opportunities to develop and grow our inclusive economy. To become a Mint partner, a company must be 100% black-owned or 51% female-owned. We partner with these companies on deals to help them gain experience and build their competencies. As partners, they are included in business development, learn deal development, key account strategies, and are upskilled on Microsoft products.”

Ronelle and her team are largely responsible for driving greater solutions and technology into the financial services industry and spearheading Mint’s successful public sector division.

“When I joined Mint four years ago, I knew we could help our government achieve more. Together with an amazing team, we created solutions that we took to market that have been very successful. I love advising and assisting the public sector with its digital transformation strategy and empowering our citizens and government employees with the best technology available. We are creating a better tomorrow with our wonderful partners.”

Ronelle is also active when it comes to women empowerment in the technology sector and is a member of the Women in Technology network in South Africa. “The gender gap in the technology industry is increasingly being recognised as a serious issue that needs addressing. We must find ways to motivate, encourage and support more girls and women to study, work and advance professionally in fields directly related to technology. In addition, our decision-makers need to be encouraged to give more women opportunities in this industry.

Her advice for women who want to advance in the sector: “Be assertive, decisive, confident and direct. Be willing to make decisions. Trust your gut instincts and move things forward. Be independent and self-sufficient. You are your best supporter. Be kind to yourself and be mindful.”

When Ronelle is not at work, she cares for her family or spends quality time with friends. “Friendship is one of the most important values in human life. We exchange new ideas, learn new things about each other, and enjoy new experiences together.”

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