Project Management ERP

Intelligent Project Management ERP Module

The ERP project management model provides a dynamic tool to track, manage and report on simple and complex projects, both from a project and financial perspective, all the time, allowing you to manage, allocate and control the resources you have at your disposal.

Project management has many challenges, At Mint Group UK we know that it needs to include an overview of who is doing what, understand the costs that go into each job, discover new ways to improve service and deliver excellent customer experiences at all times.

ERP offers an integrated platform that allows your growing business to leverage the power of the cloud and the stability of Microsoft Dynamics stability to improve your business results.

Top Benefits of the Project Management Module

Improved Inventory Planning


Improved Procurement Management


Advanced Business Processes


Boosts Business Intelligence

Improve your Project Management Capabilities

ccurately track costs, hours and budgets, so that you can provide accurate, affordable, and timely delivery of projects. Create, manage, and track customer projects using timesheets along with advanced job costing and reporting capabilities.

You can avoid and predict problems ahead of time. Project Management capabilities give you the power to manage resource levels by planning capacity and sales, track invoicing for customers against planned costs on orders and quotes and do so with accuracy and precision.

Analyze your project performance at the click of a button and use your business insights to make effective decisions.
Obtain the information you want, anywhere at any time. The efficient cloud performance and high security allow both you and your employees 24/7 access.

The Only Project Management Tool You Will Need

Approach the unique needs of your project-based business with simplified management of your budgets, inventory, timesheets, billing, profits, reporting, and more. Powerful, intelligent, and easily customizable, ERP makes work easy for you.

Resource Management

Capacity Management

Cost Management

Job Card Lifecycles

Timesheet Recording

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