Procurement Management ERP

The Power of Business Central ERP in Your Purchasing and Procurement Model

The purchase management module from Business Central handles the procurement workflow processes of a company, ensuring that goods, supplies, and services necessary for efficient operation, are in order.

You can decrease the amount of time that goes into your purchasing processes, creating tracking numbers, building purchase history, and coordinating with suppliers. ERP can make your purchasing simpler, by automating your tasks and providing you with real-time data. You will also be able to create PO at the click of a button, saving you time, through streamlined processes.

Overcome the challenges Faced In Your Purchasing Management Business

Some of the main challenges that ERP can help you solve include, risk management, financial instability, maintaining working capital and ensuring continuous supplier trading, building a vendor directory, and doing vendor audits, and contract management.

Use ERP to Benefit Your Business and Drive Efficient Purchasing Models

ERP helps businesses to streamline and optimize payments processing. Increase the efficiency of your payment activities by reducing errors, preventing fraud, automating the processing of large numbers of transactions, and transferring funds from customers to suppliers in multiple currencies.

Top Benefits of the Purchasing Module

Deliver workflows to automate payment processing

Support multiple payment methods

Provide portals for submission of invoices for payment

Consolidate payment data from multiple sources

Comply with security standards to protect sensitive information

Allow batch processing and scheduling of payments

Enable real-time data that is both efficient and accurate

Focus on vendor selection and quality performance

Handle Your Purchase Management with Business Central

With Business Central from Mint Group UK, you can create an overview of the company’s purchases and make the daily buying routines clear and manageable. You also get instant access to an overview of your suppliers’ purchase history, outstanding orders, and trade statistics.

The rich data provides insight into the company’s suppliers and enables you to better manage and improve their relationship with them. You get detailed data on all the company’s purchases and accounts payable and all relevant data relating to your suppliers, price lists and catalogs of goods, are recorded.

The Power of Workflows for Your Business Procurement

Purchasing workflows can be used for approving new or changing records, such as documents, journal line and customer cards.

Business Central makes auditing more intuitive by automatically assigning audit trails and descriptions to every transaction. Users can further strengthen their audit trails by defining transactional reason codes to be added to ledger entries. The app facilitates the amalgamation of financial data from multiple companies, so organizations can get a centralized view of all their arms for financial analysis. Bank statements can also be imported and automatically reconciled in Business Central.

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