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Intelligent Sales and Marketing

Go to market faster, build long-lasting customer relationships and optimize your processes for greater sales and improved margins.

Strategically using ERP systems in your business, stimulates the power to boost sales.
Whether it is efficient sale list building and management; reduction of communication errors; better customer relationship support; streamlined ordering, or the advantage of highly detailed sales metrics, sales ERP from Dynamics Business Central offers enhancements to traditional customer service processes.


Top Benefits of the Sales Module in Business Central

Seamlessly integrate into other modules


Boosts productivity through automation


Go-to-market quickly and effectively


Focus on Customer Satisfaction

Improve your Sales Management with Business Central

The most efficient sales processes are driven by your outreach speed. ERP helps you deliver relevant information, to the relevant customer, at the right time.

Let constant networking and communication be at the centre of your relationship-building strategy with your customers. ERP helps manage this through the monitoring of customer data and information, allowing for informed discussions to take place. By knowing your customer, you can better solve their queries and attend to their needs. 

An outstanding feature of ERP is that it allows you to quickly configure and trigger an order. Avoid the lag time you experience in transaction processes and implement fast and seamless sales processes.

You can track and build your business and department performance, through reports that equip you with the status of your objectives and KPI, on a daily, weekly, and quarterly basis. 

By providing real-time information, ERP helps businesses reduce operational and administrative costs. It allows you to manage operations quickly, also serving as a powerful tool for Return on Investment.

ERP has built-in security features and restrictions, to ensure that you are protected from cyber threats.

By integrating enterprise data with customer engagement platforms, your team has access to up-to-date customer information. This enhanced business intelligence will help your team better serve and retain existing customers while connecting with new ones.

Solve Challenges Swiftly In Your Sales and Marketing Department

At Mint UK we know each company faces sales challenges. This often includes developing buyer relationships and effectively communicating with prospects and customers.

Employing the power of data, using an ERP system from Microsoft Dynamics 365 will help you build your customer profiles by holding historical information, which helps you to scope out their needs.  ERP data provides you with accurate numbers on your customer’s buying cycle and how often they purchase. In turn, tracking customer behaviors can help you provide a better service and build customer satisfaction.

Manage Lead & Prospect Qualification

Manage Client Communications

Differentiate From Competitors

Reduce Administrative & Mundane Tasks

Empower Sales With Effective Selling Tools

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