Enhance your business with an advanced framework for Dynamics 365 support

Enhance your business. Create tomorrow. Achieve your potential.

EnhanceMint is advanced Dynamics 365 support. We enhance and intensify the productivity and efficiency of your business so that your core focus is returned to your own roles, functions, and business strategies.

Now you can reach your full digital and strategic potential through innovative technology and solutions. 

Is Support Your Ugly Duckling?

Dynamics 365 support is a challenge for most service providers and organisations. It is reactive, complex and convoluted with poor service level agreements (SLAs) that are unclear, generic or complicated and offer your business limited visibility and transparency.

Support is also synonymous with poor service, limited engagement and frustration and this has made it a grudge purchase that companies need, but don’t want.

It is important that your support provides you with visibility and helps you create a support ecosystem that meets your needs and delivers measurable value for money.

Hello EnhanceMint!

Your business problems aren't sent to the right support person.

Or support is provided with the wrong information about your problem. The result? Nobody has clarity and both you and your support team are set up for failure.

Limited strategic collaboration between your business and your support provider.

And, limited visibility into your strategic roadmap. This means support isn’t collaborative and is unable to meet your business at a strategic level.

There is no consistent or personalised service.

Miscommunication or a lack of understanding around the nuances of your business and your support expectations can result in you running the risk of receiving short-term solutions instead of long-term, personalised gains.

Limited transfer of knowledge across the business and support teams.

Support doesn’t know your business, you don’t know support, and this lack of shared knowledge and insight inhibits long-term change and efficiencies.

Understaffed and/or under skilled support teams.

Support teams don't always have sufficient staff, or sufficiently skilled staff in the right place at the right time.

Support details are vague and ambiguous.

You don’t have transparency around what you are receiving or achieving with your current support expenditure or within your existing service level agreements (SLAs).

We have reinvented Dynamics 365 Support

From ugly duckling to striking swan … support has been transformed.

EnhanceMint is a unique approach that steps away from traditional support structures with all of its limitations and frustrations. EnhanceMint is the type of support that your business actually needs.

EnhanceMint delivers real, visible and intelligent advisory that has far-reaching benefits for your business. It is a perception change. A gear shift. It offers relevant, and reliable support that’s more of a service experience than agonisingly slow problem solving.

Enhance your digital investments

It doesn’t matter where you are on your digital roadmap, we will enhance your business, improve your processes, increase your value-add and transform your digital investments. Together, we will create an EnhanceMint proposal that’s best suited to your digital transformation or IT strategy.

Trust. Transparency. Support, transformed

Mint has developed the perfect triangle of support offerings, each designed to meet your business where it lives today. Enhance your Dynamics 365 support today with our expert team. 

Not Your Standard Dynamics 365 Support

Proactive quality updates

Stability, compliance and support built-in

Smooth onboarding services with self-service functions

Rapid and effective communication and collaboration

Incident management and request fulfilment

Aligned with Microsoft OneVision

Cost-effective with pricing flexibility

Dashboards and reporting

SLA management and ticket service metrics

Integration with Microsoft Outlook

Additional EnhanceMint Services

EnhanceMint Update Service for Dynamics 365 F&O

Designed to ensure your Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations application is always up to date

New Features

Platform Updates

Updates/Regulatory Updates

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