Premium EnhanceMint

Enhancing your business and inspiring you to reach your full potential with Dynamics 365 business support that breaks the mould

This is Premium Business support

Mint strives for exceptional. We are driven to enhance and intensify your productivity and efficiency. This passion defines Premium – business support that extends far beyond the realm of what you thought support entailed. 

How about exceptional support that’s designed to enhance your business and inspire you to reach your full potential? Premium is the next-generation of Dynamics 365 support with people who understand your ecosystem, are immersed in your business, and who collaborate with you to realise your full potential.

It’s still support … only better.  

Premium: Holistic Business Support and Transformation

Premium forms part of a comprehensive re-imagining of support services with Mint. Together with Essential and Core, Premium forms a perfect triangle of services, personalised attention and in-depth strategic collaboration that changes how you experience managed services from Mint.

Premium EnhanceMint is a holistic support ecosystem that’s designed to ignite your digital transformation or IT strategy.

Premium EnhanceMint offers you:

Customizations and Development

Product EnhanceMint Journey

Migration and Migration Assessments

EnhanceMint & Managed Application Services


Security and Security Auditing

Business EnhanceMint Consultancy

Enhanced Reporting

Reimagine ERP Support with EnhanceMint

Premium delivers a holistic business support ecosystem that’s designed to ignite your digital transformation or IT strategy.

Premium isn’t just support, it’s a strategic value-add that brings depth to your business and enhances your technology investments, your people, and your business.

Our team enters your business with a singular goal: to listen to you and understand your unique challenges and goals. Together, we’ll work to ignite your digital transformation or IT roadmap, leveraging the latest advancements in technology to propel your business forward.

Premium reduces the number of hours that you spend on tickets by developing and upskilling your people. This allows us to work with you more closely and provide business consulting services that transform your features, your functionality and your experience within your technology.

We’re not just here to offer IT solutions – we’re here to form a partnership, to collaborate with you every step of the way. With our deep expertise and commitment to innovation, we’ll help you stay ahead of the curve and take your business to new heights.

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