Microsoft Outlook

Secure Digital Communication: Revolutionize Your Traditional Email with Outlook

What is Microsoft Outlook?

The power of Microsoft Outlook brings together a multi-function personal informational manager software system and task administration to your remote-hybrid workspace. Primarily used for email, it also includes enriched and robust functions such as the calendar, task manager, planner, contact manager, Viva Insights, and notes.

Embrace Hybrid Work with Confidence

It’s crucial for your team and organization to use technology capabilities that facilitate frequent transitions between environments and provide a level of consistency, that bridges the collaboration, communication and productivity gap.

Microsoft Outlook empowers you to evolve with the era of digital transformation, providing a seamless connection between people, places and processes.

Common Business Challenges that Outlook Can Solve

Software Updates

Stay safe and up to speed with automatic software updates.

Disparate Systems

Access your Outlook from any device and avoid incompatibility issues.

Data Security

Work in a secure environment with compliance and governance regulations in place.

Time Management

Use the calendar, planner and automated focus time feature to manage your time.

Power Up with Powerful Outlook Features

Enterprise-grade Security

Accelerate privacy with data-encryption features and automatic deactivation of unsafe links that contain malware. With a premium subscription you can implement ransomware detection and recovery.

Smart Scheduling

Make your schedule a priority by using the built-in calendar to manage and keep track of your appointments with both internal divisions and external partners. Outlook simplifies scheduling by enabling meeting attendees to propose a new time.

Prioritize with To Do

You can use lists like ‘My Day’ to map the day at hand, ‘Important’ to understand what is due, and ‘Planned’ to get an overview of past and upcoming tasks to focus, prioritize and get more done using the Outlook To Do feature.

Tracking Receipts

Know whether your email has been received by your recipient using the ‘request a read receipt’, which will notify you when your email has been opened. The ‘request a delivery receipt’ notifies you when your message has been delivered in the mailbox.

File and Categorize

Chances are you have dozens of email threads and clusters that are flooding your inbox. You can create and file old e-mails away in a structure of folders or categories, assigning colours and groups to certain messages.

Accelerated Integration

Outlook works with Teams, SharePoint, Yammer, Word, PowerPoint and OneNote, helping your workflows remain in a centralized location. Outlook notifies you of any activity in other applications, helping you stay on top of any action items, changes and mentions.

4 Reasons to Implement Outlook

Improved Productivity and Collaboration

Outlook has an integrated user experience, allowing you to unify and sync all your applications and data, onto a centralized system, in real time. This ensures a seamless workflow to your everyday operations.

Fast and Effective Communication

Using automated response suggestions, delivery receipt features, attachment reminders, contact managers, smart notifications, and secure messaging, your organization will benefit from meaningful and instant communication.

Easy to Navigate

Microsoft Outlook is designed in a user-friendly manner, enabling you to better navigate the software, using its smart tools and features. Its efficient functionality allows you to move in confidence, without much support.

Connectivity on the Move

In a world where network, access and connectivity are important, Outlook has made it possible for you to work anywhere and on any device. Its mobility and security capabilities, allow you to safely and smartly connect to your work, team and data.

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