Vehicle Booking App

Give your employees an accessible and easy-to-use platform for reviewing, accepting and managing internal organizational policies and procedures. 

Make Company Vehicle Bookings Available Digitally

Easy Booking and Cancellation Procedures

Real-Time View of Bookings

What is the vehicle Booking app?

The Vehicle Booking App powered by Dynamics 365 Business Apps enables organizations to manage, track and monitor company vehicle booking requests. Employees can request to use a company vehicle for a meeting or event, allowing them to book ahead of time and fetch the vehicle from a central or defined location.

This Power App solution includes a SharePoint Online site where vehicles and details can be loaded by administration staff and made available to the rest of the organization. Employees can use a quick desktop app to select a vehicle, date, time and duration of booking. The app allows for easy changes of bookings and notifications.

Enable HR and Administration Staff

This app allows your HR or administration staff to upload, store, edit and track vehicle availability within your organization.

Improve Your Employee Experience

Give your employees an easy-to-use, mobile and desktop friendly platform to book and manage vehicle bookings.

Vehicle Bookings Made Easy

Application Features

On-The-Go vehicle Bookings

Upload | Book | Track

The solution is built using the Microsoft Power Platform and includes a SharePoint Online site where vehicle details are uploaded, classified and made available to employees.

The app surfaces all available vehicles to end-users, allowing them to view, book and manage their vehicle needs from their preferred device.

A Power BI report can provide necessary insights to track the bookings, cancellations and report history per employee.

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