Expense Claim App

Give your employees an accessible and easy-to-use platform for reviewing, accepting and managing their monthly expense claims.

On-The-Go App To Log and Track Expense Claims

Easy Approval Mechanisms

Real-Time Reporting and Analytics

What is the Expense Claim App?

The Expense Claim App is an application powered by Dynamics 365 Business Apps built for employees to track and submit their monthly company expenses. The  Power Platform Expense Claim App automates the expense management process, allowing employees to claim back on defined items such as travel, wifi, entertainment and more.

From creation, submission to approval, this app can be tailored to fit your organizations roles and requirements.

Enable Finance Teams

This app allows your finance teams to accurately capture claims, approve or reject claims and upload to the payroll system.

Improve Your Employee Experience

Give your employees an easy-to-use, mobile and desktop friendly platform to create claims for travel, leisure, wifi and more.

Business Benefits

Application Features

It really is this simple

Creation | Approval | Claim

The solution is built using the Microsoft Power Platform and includes a SharePoint Online site where claims can be generated, approved, stored and managed.

The app surfaces an expense claim interface to end-users, allowing them to create claims per category such as travel, wifi and more.

Expense claims can be tracked and managed in a SharePoint list, allowing each employee to receive their claim timeously.

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