Virtual Agents

Create Better Customer Experiences with Seamless Q&A Capabilities

Create modernized AI-chatbots for quick communication, steadfast resolution and seamless Q and A’s with your employees and customers.

What is a Power Virtual Agent?

Virtual Power Agents is part of the Microsoft Power Platform, helping organizations to develop and manage commanding chatbots to accelerate engagement within and outside your organization.

Respond rapidly to your customer and employee needs, at scale, using intelligent chatbots built with Power Virtual Agents. No coding required.

Of Fortune 500 Companies use Microsoft Power Apps as an integral part of their technology stack
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Get the Rewards of a Power Virtual Agent

Use Analytics to Improve Efficiency

Power Virtual Agents has a comprehensive set of analytics that show you the key performance indicators for your bot. By paying close attention to the usage trends, you can learn how to best use the chatbot for maximum impact and performance.

Intelligent AI Capabilities

With AI-powered capabilities, your organization can make use of topic suggestions from chat transcripts, integrate chats and products and platforms you use daily and create personalized conversations.

Tried and Tested

Power Virtual Agents have proved to be beneficial in the following areas: Covid-19 tracking; Sales and support inquiries; Employee health benefits; Employee questions; Trading hours and general information for businesses; and Training.

How To Build Business Resilience with Microsoft Power Platform

The year 2020 transitioned business operations from ‘in- office’ work to ‘out of-office’. Fast track to 2021, working from home remains necessary. While some have returned to work, majority of businesses have the option to work remotely- somewhere between the comfort of home, in the office or a desired work environment.

The Top Benefits of Power Virtual Agents

Lower Your Costs of Intensive Resources

Improve Customer Experience Across Platforms

Enable real-time access to information

Access intelligent reporting and drive data decisions

Empower everyone in your organization to easily build intelligent chatbots that add value.

Collaborate Your Way With The Power Platform

Get The Full Benefit Of The Microsoft Power Platform

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Make informed, confident business decisions by putting data-driven insights into everyone’s hands.

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Turn ideas into organisational solutions by enabling everyone to build custom apps that solve business challenges.

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Boost business productivity to get more done by giving everyone the ability to automate organisational processes.

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