Mint Group Maintains Level 1 B-BBEE Status in Recognition of its Community Investment

Microsoft Gold IT Consultancy, Mint Group, has again achieved its Level 1 B-BBEE status for 2021. This certificate recognizes Mint’s consistent commitment to growing the country’s economy, and its dedication to proactively driving diverse and inclusive initiatives that advance skills development in key-value areas. As a cornerstone of Mint’s business philosophy; employees, clients, partners, and the community are placed at the heart of the business and are empowered to reach their full potential.

“Our wide-ranging and inclusive values take into consideration that an ecosystem is essential in aligning all corners of society to collaboratively achieve success and resilience. As a result, Mint drives value through its community and partnership programmes. We are invested in improving the education sector, uplifting the community, and coaching small to medium ICT businesses and start-ups,” says Mint Group CFO, Yvonne Dias.

Mint firmly believes in upholding its B-BBEE status to reach overall socio-economic prosperity. It has invested in three pillars, under which it drives this goal.

Partners and Mentorship

As a Gold Microsoft Partner, Mint believes in the continuation of building the industry to foster business and industry growth. We combine people, resources, and mentorship, to give Exempt Micro Enterprises (EME’S) an informed and skilled platform to develop into Qualifying Small Enterprises (QSE’s), and ultimately, into Generic Enterprises (GEN’s).

Mint launched the Ubuntu EmpowerMint Program in 2020, to create a supportive network of EME and QSE Microsoft partners. Since its establishment, it has onboarded 16 partners, helping them gain relevant experience and build competencies in the market.  

With many organizations struggling in the face of modern workplace challenges, such as digital adoption and ensuring business continuity, the Ubuntu EmpowerMint Program has proven to be of value by future-proofing organizations and igniting their development. 

Education & Skills Development

Mint is passionately invested in nurturing the development of learners and, in turn, the education sphere in its entirety. Mint is one of the donor partners to the Ekukhanyeni Relief Project, which through the Sekolo sa Dinaledi Trust, participates in fundraising activities to address and tackle existing challenges within the Early Child Development model, in our immediate communities.

Currently, Mint works closely through the Sekolo Sa Dinaledi Trust towards achieving Ekukhanyeni’s goal, to get 500 000 children through its ECD centres by 2030.

“Mint’s ‘Grow a Mintie’ notion is another venture of ours, that provides support and development to learners throughout their school journey. We are actively involved in providing relevant skills to girls in technology, and championing entrepreneurship, diversity and innovative ideas through the GirlCode Hackathon events. It focuses on start-ups in the technology industry and supports female talent to build their confidence,” adds Yvonne.

Mint is also making a positive impact through the Youth Employment Service (YES) initiative, which provides work experience and skills development for youth. Through the program’s network, Mint creates sustainable value in preparing youth for the demanding work environment. This year we have achieved a 100% retention rate of individuals who have completed the programme. Mint has further permanently employed 3 of the individuals that were registered on the program. 


Inspiring The Community

Mint works closely with Ekukhanyeni who provide a food scheme, vegetable garden, and skills to facilitate transformation, job creation and sustainability within the community. We believe that true empowerment and development, is self-sufficient. By equipping the community with significant knowledge, training and resources, we can inspire hope for communities to independently take charge of their life, and work towards developing what is important to them.  

Through Mint’s internal DotUnity outreach, Minties actively go into communities to give a helping hand, educate, and encourage empowerment. This gives us a better understanding of what areas need to be addressed and how we can collaboratively achieve our goals.


“We are committed to creating opportunities that positively impacts the lives of others. We believe that to ‘Create Tomorrow’, as our tagline says, we need to work together to improve our socio-economic circumstances. We have been able to uphold our B-BBEE status for the past 2 years. Not because it’s a requirement but because we are a people-driven business that is passionate about seeing our clients, employees, partners, and community thrive,” concludes Yvonne.   

Our mission is to ensure that we drive meaningful transformation in every area of our business while sustaining diversity and inclusion.

Mint Group – We create tomorrow by inspiring our employees, clients, partners and community to reach their full potential through innovative technology solutions.    

About Mint Group

Mint Group is a Microsoft Gold IT consultancy and systems integrator providing innovation and disruption in the digital age. As a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) with expertise across all 3 Microsoft Clouds – Azure, Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365, we craft solutions to help improve customer experience, increase agility, improve operational efficiency, and accelerate the digital transformation journey with AI and cognitive services for businesses and government institutions globally.