Mint Group partners with leading B2B e-commerce platforms provider

LONDON, United Kingdom, – OCTOBER 2022. Leading Microsoft Partner and global IT consultancy, Mint Group, has partnered with global leader in B2B e-commerce platforms, Sana Commerce, to provide Dynamics 365 ERP clients with an integrated, reliable, and efficient e-commerce platform.

Sana Commerce offers an e-commerce platform designed to help manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers succeed by fostering lasting relationships with customers who depend on them. Sana accomplishes this by allowing Microsoft Dynamics ERP and e-commerce to work as one. This eliminates system silos, as well as unnecessary complexities and compromises caused by mainstream e-commerce solutions.

The Sana approach unlocks 3 key benefits that enable lasting relationships between customer and supplier:

  • Total customer convenience: Empowering customers with personalized self-service and complete transparency
  • Reliability without compromise: Eliminating errors and delays for an experience customers can rely on
  • Constant evolution: Quickly and easily adapting businesses to meet and exceed customers’ evolving expectations

“Our aim is to provide our clients with alternative e-commerce sales channels in a structured and sustainable manner,” explains Head of Mint ERP, Nikki Isherwood. “We chose to partner with Sana Commerce due to their vast experience and established credibility in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 space, as well as their proven time-to-value.”

With headquarters in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and offices around the globe, Sana has been making ERP and e-commerce work as one since 2007.

“We believe in the power of partnership and collaboration, and we know our partnerships are stronger when our network is empowered with the right resources. That is why we provide all the information our partners need to help their clients achieve e-commerce success,” says Sana Commerce CEO, EMEA & APAC, Ruben Mink.

“We are delighted to be able to provide Mint clients with an integrated, reliable, and scalable e-commerce platform built for Microsoft Dynamics.”
Although the Mint ERP business is still in its infancy, in less than 3 years it has grown to become one of, if not, the leading Microsoft ERP player in the South African market.

“The management of stock from your ERP to any external e-commerce solution is onerous. Implementing an integrated solution like Sana becomes cost-effective and sustainable in the long run because there is little to no manual intervention to add new products,” says Isherwood.

“Taking new products to the market is no longer a fraught process. Loading products on the website, understanding stock levels, tracking stock across multiple locations, etc, are all automatically managed in this environment. ERP data updates in real-time on our client web stores, this means no more missed sales opportunities or incorrect orders.”

About Mint Group

Mint Group is a Microsoft Gold IT consultancy and systems integrator providing innovation and disruption in the digital age. As a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) with expertise across all 3 Microsoft Clouds – Azure, Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365, we craft solutions to help improve customer experience, increase agility, improve operational efficiency, and accelerate the digital transformation journey with AI and cognitive services for businesses and government institutions globally.