Microsoft New Commerce Experience

Get the latest in the evolution of Microsoft’s CSP program. NCE provides the opportunity to simplify and manage subscriptions, billing, licensing and payments.

Why NCE?

The New Commerce Experience (NCE) model for Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Windows 365, and Power Platform subscriptions is the latest in the evolution of Microsoft’s CSP program. It provides the opportunity to simplify and manage subscriptions, billing, licensing and payments.

The New Commerce Experience makes it easier to transact with Microsoft, as well as accelerate the growth of business and the ability to drive cloud adoption for customers. It delivers a consistent, simplified licensing, and flexible purchase experience for customers and partners.

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How Can You Use NCE?

Microsoft launched the NCE with the intention of reducing complexity and providing cost savings for the long-term, while also introducing new features to make CSP a comparable alternative to the long-standing Enterprise Agreement (EA).

The Microsoft NCE will be offering Monthly, Annual, and Three-Year subscriptions:

You can change the number of licenses every month, but this option is 20% more expensive than an annual subscription
1 Month
You commit yourself for a year, paying a fixed amount in advance every month
1 Months
If you sign in one go for three years, you pay the same price (monthly or annually) for 36 months
1 Months
What Does This Mean For You?

Customers will be able to commit to their existing licenses on an annual basis and lock in a price for a year.

Customers can also commit on a month-to-month basis, but this will result in an additional 20% premium on top of the price increase.

A blended monthly and annual approach will also be available.

All new Microsoft CSP subscriptions are required to be purchased via the NCE motion. However, renewals can still be concluded up until 1 June 2022. At which point it would move over to NCE.

What Your Organization Can Gain from NCE

Improved Revenue Predictability

Reduced Licensing Complexity

Multiple Term Options

Sales and Operational Features

Choose Mint as Your CSP Partner

As a leading Microsoft partner the Mint CSP team will continue to update you as the NCE program expands. We can conduct a maturity assessment of your environment and will work out a plan to optimize savings, discuss strategy, leverage promotions, and offer monthly billing for annual subscriptions to help your organization save money and manage your licensing with ease.

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