M-squared: Navigating the Digital World with Mint and Microsoft

M-squared Navigating the Digital World with Mint and Microsoft

Digital-first. Data-driven. Digitised and digitalised. Every organisation is wrestling with the complexities and nuances that surround doing business in the digital world. Employees want hybrid workplaces with enabling technologies and collaborative capabilities. Customers want seamless service and extraordinary experiences, regardless of sector or market, and companies need to be on the edge of disruption to ensure that they’re the ones capturing and holding customer attention. Companies need frictionless ecosystems that drive hybrid, connections, collaborations and customer interactions.

According to the Microsoft Future of Work 2022 survey, technology is the key to shaping teams, flexible and collaborative environments, and improved ways of working. The survey also underscores a reality that everyone is experiencing right now – that there are ongoing disruptions beyond the tail end of COVID-19 and there is value in building ecosystems that are resilient and capable of supporting employees and the business through the aftershocks – economic complexity, recession and socio-political anxiety.

The challenge is finding the right technology blend for your business.

Which is where Mint and Microsoft come in. Mint is a Gold Microsoft Partner with a proven global track record in providing relevant solutions to companies that want to navigate the digital world with the right tools in hand. Together with Microsoft’s bouquet of solutions across customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), Power Apps (for low-code/no-code flexibility and agility), Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, Azure and artificial intelligence tools, among many others, we can help you create a digital-first, data-drive, digitalised and digitised business environment that works.

An environment that actually delivers what you need.

Because, let’s face it, you don’t need everything, you just need the right things.

The way we ensure that you invest into the right technology is through our ProActive™ Discover and ProActive™ Transform platforms. ProActive™ Discover is designed to reduce the amount of time you spend on acquiring new technology by months through a process of intelligent discovery and analysis. It works with your business and aligns with your strategy to provide you with visibility into the right solutions for your future. Then, ProActive™ Transform steps in to ensure that your digital investment actually does transform your business. Together, these services ensure that you’re not left feeling out of the loop, out of control, or out of pocket.

Mint uses decades of experience alongside Microsoft’s constantly evolving portfolio of services to help you achieve predictable outcomes that are on time and in budget. It’s a functional and methodological approach that ensures your implementation is as seamless as possible. Collaborating with relevant third-party solutions and tapping into Microsoft’s extensive ecosystem, we help you take the guesswork out of building a digital business.

There is also the fact that navigating the digital world doesn’t come with GPS.

While winging it is the way forward, there is no absolutely perfect route to the ultimate digitally transformed organisation. And this is actually an advantage.

You want to take an iterative approach that’s supported by expertise and that allows you pivot and adapt to radical uncertainty. A successful digital transformation strategy isn’t defined by how rapidly the business jumps into digital waters, or how slowly it integrates digital within its legacy processes. It is defined by a digital mindset that’s open to trying new technologies and processes and to investing into solutions that are capable of evolving along with the business.

Mint, with our Microsoft expertise, can help you to find the best possible digital route for your business because our expertise is your GPS.

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