Six things a Tech CFO learned during COVID-19

There is always uncertainty in business, from recessions to Y2K and, as such, we have always led our business through uncertainty! COVID-19 did happen at a faster pace, but it is still an uncertain time. And with life and all events, it is not about the event or how it happened, but what counts is how we, as organisations, lead our employees through it.


It’s Business As Unusual With COVID-19

As the spread of COVID-19 unfolds, the world is experiencing a growing impact on citizen health and the economy. As such, businesses are increasingly faced with tough decisions to ensure business continuity.

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ERP considerations amid COVID-19

By combining your ERP with a CRM, you centralise all data, gathering a view of the entire supply chain in relation to customer management. Dynamics 365 has inherent CRM features which, if you have not been utilising at full capacity, can help ensure closer alignment, the interaction between sales teams and feedback to customers.