We’re only Human after All  

after all we all human

In a world fraught with warp-speed technological change, it is easy to get lost in a sea of process re-engineering, lean thinking, and endless quality improvement.  But what is often disregarded, or not considered, is how well people are able to fit into those processes. 

Czech manager, global strategist, coach, and author, Jan Mühlfeit sums it up: AI, blockchain, cloud… all the tech buzzwords that fill our newsfeed will never replace the most essential element of a company’s success: the human element.” 

All around the globe, there is a growing awareness that businesses have to treat employees like human beings, rather than workers whose only relevant wishes are company-related.  

Today, effective leadership, as the name suggests, is about more than just managing – it’s about actually leading. It’s about leading with imagination, trust, and authenticity. It’s about a deep understanding of human needs, putting people first, and recognizing their value.  

Transparency, trust, and self-awareness have become catalysts fueling the success of many organizations. And in this time of digital Darwinism — where technology and society are evolving faster than businesses can naturally adapt, it is critical that every component supporting competitive advantage is harnessed and utilized to maximum potential.  

The human-to-human way 

At Mint UK, the balance between people and processes has always been a priority.   

Our departure point in maintaining this delicate balance is an interrogative one:  

  • How do we create process efficiency without compromising on personal growth or career development?  
  • How do we ensure that our alliances are built on a solid foundation geared towards mutual success?  
  • How do we leverage the power and collective experience of peer forums?  
  • How do we sensitively navigate cultural boundaries? 
  • How do we seamlessly merge AI and people input? 
  • How do we stay relevant amidst growing buyer awareness and education?  

Mint endeavors to transform the ‘win/lose’ scenario beyond simply ‘win/win’ by creating outcomes that can be labeled ‘win/with’. 

Over my next few blogs, I will enlist the help of our network, partners, and employees, to address and answer these questions and describe Mint’s approach to doing business in the modern era – one in which we have moved on from traditional values of hierarchy, annual reviews and other profit-before-people principals.  

Human leadership, after all, has to be about making a difference and giving others the chance to make a difference. 

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