inventory Management ERP Module

Examine business proficiency, enrich financial controls, and make improved business decisions with real-time financial reporting embedded analytics, and AI-driven insights.

Intelligent Inventory Management

Enable your business to manage all operational aspects on a single platform, powered by Dynamics 365 Business Central including inventory, finance, planning, logistics, and operations. The ERP inventory management system provides real-time inventory information, empowering you to build business plans towards growth, have dynamic workflows and supply chains, and maximize investment inventory.


Solve Your Inventory Challenges Today

At Mint UK we know the importance of your business is getting your products to your customers on time. And staying on top of your inventory through efficient management, which helps you meet demand and generate sales.

Inconsistent tracking and inaccurate data, through manual procedures, leave you vulnerable to errors

Changing customer demands that contribute to obsolete inventory you’re unable to sell

Limited visibility that results in insufficient management, overstocking, and inventory loss

Poor communication leads to insufficient processes and a lack of productivity

Inadequate software that does not support integration and complex logistics

How to Evaluate Your Inventory System

To implement new processes, you need to ask a series of questions aligned with your business goals and your current inventory management processes. 


Asking yourself these three questions can help you gauge whether your current inventory management process is satisfactory.

Does your current system help you plan?

Does your current system provide strategic insights for your business?

Do your teams have the insights they need to provide a quality customer experience?

Top Benefits of the Inventory Module

  • Improves business processes – seamlessly integrates with other modules
  • Maximizes labor – less time looking for missing items
  • Excellent management of BOM
  • Full Inventory functionality in one module

Get Started With Optimizing Your Inventory Management Today

Get practical steps to smart and successful inventory management. Designed to help inventory planners or supply chain managers set up their inventory correctly with the right policies and procedures, classifications, and parameters, it’s a best practice guide to excellence in inventory management.

Improve Your Inventory Management with Business Central

An item can be structured as a parent item with underlying child items in a bill of materials (BOM). In Business Central, a bill of material can be defined as either an assembly BOM or a production BOM, depending on its use.

Item categorization maintains an overview of your items and helps you to sort and find items. Item attributes are assigned to easily identify items within categories.

Stock counting of physical inventory includes all activities such as counting, capturing, adjustments and reclassification.

Item tracking provides alpha-numeric serial numbers, lot and package numbering series with cross-references.

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