Optimising Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licensing

Optimising Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licensing

  Microsoft Dynamics 365 licensing can be challenging to navigate. It can sprawl, it can add cost to a company if not managed optimally, and it can be an expensive investment if it isn’t customised to suit the business and its unique requirements. ...

The Low-code/No-code Value of the Microsoft Power Platform

Four Questions To Ask Your CRM Implementer

According to Gartner’s 2021 Seller Motivation Assessment, 59% of B2B sellers say that CRM inhibits their ability to work. When describing the technology, Gartner likens it to the fable of the emperor’s new robes – everyone can see the flaws, but only the ...


Why Should you Upgrade or Change your CRM Platform?

If your business is not seeing the value if you are not able to leverage your CRM functionalities to gauge metrics and customer experiences, and if you cannot gain granular insights that serve your business, then it’s time to consider upgrading or changing your CRM platform.