Warehouse Management ERP

Intelligent Warehouse Management

Provide accurate, real-time data on inventory and make efficient decisions. Minimize manual operations and initiate automation in all your warehousing processes.

The Business Central Warehouse Management Module powered by Dynamics Business Central with Mint Group UK supports the daily operation of warehouses, taking care of orders, and monitoring of related operations. It provides a quality technology system for warehouse management, stock optimization, easier process delivery, and control of all activities. The wide range of features ensures optimal operations in manufacturing, distribution, and retail companies. It also supports other business processes such as transportation, manufacturing, quality control, purchase, transfer, sales, and returns.


Solve Your Warehouse Challenges With Business Central

Non-selling items can cause slow progress, similarly, running out of items in demand can have a great impact on your financial success. With a centralized ERP system, you will have a full view of your inventory status, the quantities available, those that are committed, and the flow of items, constantly.

Each company has its own needs regarding logistics, but there is no doubt that process automation is of great help to solve the issues of warehousing and to properly manage this function.

Here are some of the challenges you can avoid when turning to a warehouse management solution:

Reap The Benefits of Optimized Warehousing

ERP automates essential business functions across different departments, thus, saving you time and money.  The information and insights generated can help drive further cost savings, through better accuracy in forecasting, smarter inventory management, and having a leaner supply chain.

Place orders automatically from your preferred suppliers when stock levels are low, track your orders from your suppliers, manage the incoming and outgoing stock in the warehouse, and shipping to your customers.   By having this information readily available to you, you have better visibility of your entire supply chain and better management of the processes.

Manage your inventory better with the availability of information to have a view of demand movement and improve procurement. Using ERP also improves the tracking of warehouse stock in different locations.

Effective inventory management helps ensure that the right stock is available for sale when there is a demand for it. It is also essential not to have an excess supply which can lead to dead stock over time. The availability of real-time information across departments will enable businesses to have better management.

Allow for the latest, updated, and effective communications using a single channel for easy retrieval and follow-up.

ERP solutions will also provide you with the ability to plan better. You can have access to the real-time status of inventory in your warehouse, incoming and outgoing so that you can plan your purchases better. Improved forecasting based on information from the sales team and actual historical sales information will enable predictive analytics to provide a better forecast. All this information can be used as a guide for better demand planning.

You can better manage your inventory with an ERP solution – tracking number, lot number, batch number – so that you can immediately pinpoint issues when it arises. You can have better quality control overall due to the transparency of information across your entire warehouse.

Engage better with customers using personalized approaches, that are made possible with access to customer details, order history, and past interactions. Solve customer questions faster with access to real-time information.  This will help you improve customer interaction and satisfaction.

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