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The Dawn Of The Cloud-Born Business

Our environments are becoming digitally tactile landscapes that monitor and adapt to their inhabitants, and our reality is being augmented by digital information that is becoming an ever-more universal and interactive part of our existence. Learning machines think for us, improve our decision-making processes and automate the mundane aspects of our lives

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Unveiling The Holy Grail Of Streamlined Productivity – O365

Office 365 is being rolled out by companies big and small as bandwidth continues to become cheaper and faster, IT managers are warming up to the idea of having a service rather than a piece of hardware in their data center and mobile workers are demanding a toolset that keeps them productive regardless of their physical location.


The “C” Word that makes Technologists Cringe

Compliance It’s like wearing a helmet while you’re kicking tricks with your BMX buddies: somehow it just seems to take the fun out of pulling off any type of acrobatics… because the cool kids perform summersaults *without* the safety gear their mothers ma ...


Assessing Your Cloud Options

Written by: Mint Group Head of Channel, Pieter Du Toit and Software Infrastructure Lead, Junaid Essop Increasingly, businesses are transitioning to the cloud, but to do so without assessing how to complete the journey most effectively first is to invite d ...