The Low-code/No-code Value of the Microsoft Power Platform

Four Questions To Ask Your CRM Implementer

According to Gartner’s 2021 Seller Motivation Assessment, 59% of B2B sellers say that CRM inhibits their ability to work. When describing the technology, Gartner likens it to the fable of the emperor’s new robes – everyone can see the flaws, but only the ...


Microsoft Teams Governance Best Practice – Part 1

There are two words that allow organizations to truly capture the value of both employees and the technology they use – governance and collaboration. Research has found that companies that embed communication and collaboration have a 50% lower staff turno ...


The Thing with Content – Part 2

In the previous instalment, I spoke a little about issues companies face in their content management practice as related to information security and integrity. In part 2, I’m picking up where I left off, airing more dirty laundry – I mean content issues – ...


The Thing with Content – Part 1

Content – information – is my life. I’ve never quite understood why organizations don’t do more to get the full value out of the content at their fingertips. I mean, yes, of course, there are the gods of Google and the Book of Faces who absolutely have fo ...


Solving Common Testing Errors for a Worthy Cause

The challenges facing the education sector and the children it serves are immense. As a former school governing body member at a Model C school in Tshwane, I saw first-hand how difficult it is for many children to participate meaningfully in school. When ...

6 ways tech is boosting the employee experience

5 Ways Tech is Boosting the Employee Experience 

The growing disconnect between leaders and their people, Microsoft has expanded its employee experience platform, Microsoft Viva, to connect employees to company culture, business goals, and one another. Viva contains several modules that support connection, insight, purpose, and growth, empowering people and teams to be their best. 


Why Should you Upgrade or Change your CRM Platform?

If your business is not seeing the value if you are not able to leverage your CRM functionalities to gauge metrics and customer experiences, and if you cannot gain granular insights that serve your business, then it’s time to consider upgrading or changing your CRM platform.